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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Overhead Light

Overhead Light

6x6in oil on gesso board  85.

 I picked my lovely little Japanese vase and a cloth of almost the same color for this demo I did in class with reference to Qiang Huang's "casting shadows. " I think I will explore this color harmony further because I think it could be beautiful. Brush only used on this and I think I missed my knife.

 A busy day, what with class, haircut, planting some pansies and now I have to head out to vote.
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  1. This is quite nice. How long did it take you for you to make it?

  2. I admire how beautifully you capture roses and do it with thick juicy paint and strong color yet retain their delicacy! Loved going through your posts and catching up with your blog . . . love seeing your copies of different artists around one subject. Beautifully done!


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