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Tuesday, November 29, 2011



6x6in  oil on canvas board

These little vases are from Thailand so what could be more appropriate than a bit of leopard pattern to go with them.
After painting the bright colors of the Picasso Rose yesterday, it was quite a change to use earth tones.

Artist Info:
I kept the dark areas as transparent as possible using Transparent Oxide Brown with Ultramarine Blue and for the cloth I did a Transparent Oxide Yellow wash first, then placed the dark spots of the pattern with the same dark mixture.  For where the light was hitting, I came back in with Naples Yellow to negative paint around the black leopard spots and used a cool mixture for the shadows.
As I am trying to paint in a looser fashion I was careful not to make everything perfect and hard edged.
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  1. Thank you for your comment on Apples and stripes it is so encouraging BUT above all thank you for all your generous explanations on your paintings.
    PS I always wonder how do you manage to keep your colours not contaminating each others on such a small area?


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