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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Roses From Son #1

Roses for my Birthday From Son #1

6x8in  oil on linen mounted to board  100.

Life is great when your children spoil you and bring flowers.

I enjoyed a lovely surprise today. A fellow blogger, Haidee-Jo, painted me a birthday gift of a rose cupcake. She lives in France and I have never met her, but it is an example of a fellow artist's warmth and generosity. I hope you visit her lovely blog. Thank you, Haidee-Jo.

I painted the yellow roses completely with a round, #6 bristle brush. I used it mostly on its side and leaving the the point for details. Unlike the appearance of individual strokes the flat brush produces, the round brush blends colors together easily, but a swift side motion will give a clean stroke similar to the flat. You can see an example of this on the back rose and some of the leaves. A Russian artist I admire uses only round brushes for his paintings and does amazing things with them.
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  1. Your roses are wonderful Julie and so real with their lost and found edges.

  2. You are absolutely amazing with roses (and all other subjects as well).


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