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Friday, November 11, 2011

Time for Tea

Time for Tea

7x5in oil on canvas board  SOLD

Using the palette knife and brush I did this little still life rather quickly, using the open color principal from yesterday's blog entry. It is not as obvious as yesterday's rose painting, but I carried the red outside the teapot and cup and came back in with the surrounding colors leaving tiny peeks of the red here and there so the strong red color was incorporated comfortably into the surrounding area.
When I was at elementary school, there was a game where we held a dandelion or buttercup under each others chins and asked if we liked butter. The answer was always yes because we could see the yellow glow. This was my first understanding of open color.

Chagall quote:  "All colors are friends of their neighbors. "

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  1. Lovely post, Julie! Time for Tea is an amazing painting with such vibrant colors. My eyes take me all over the canvas.. Absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I agree with Hilda. This painting is beautiful all over the place! I love how the upper background moves from dark to light, but there is such movement and interesting brush strokes that I had to look a while before I became aware of it.

    Thanks for explaining the open color principal. There is so much to learn, and I always learn things reading your posts.


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