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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pushing Color

Pushing Color

6x6in  oil on gesso board   85.

After working on yesterdays vessels and doing two different color harmonies, I wanted to see how a painting of roses would respond to having the color taken out into the surrounding background. If you look you will see the yellow, orange and pink flowing around the area of each corresponding rose.
When a color spills over the edges of the forms, it is called open color. Open color results in the " lost and found "edges that give softness to the forms and variety to the edges.  I have gone way outside the boundaries of the flowers here as I will be using this as an example for the next class. Sometimes an exaggeration is easier to see and understand.
Closed color is the reverse. More like a coloring book where you stay within the lines. Open or closed is a matter of personal preference but open color is supposed to be more like human vision.

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