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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Palette Knife and Brush

Palette Knife and Brush

6x6in oil on board  85.

Yesterday I painted roses with a palette knife and today I used both the brush and the knife. I can hardly see a difference, but there is definitely a difference. I should have painted the same colors or flowers as yesterday so it would be easier to spot.
I did find it was much easier to paint the shapes in first with a brush and then start to use the knife. The drawback could be that it makes everything not quite as fluid. In my case I noticed pretty quickly that I did start to tighten up, which would not be bad if I wanted to be more precise, but my whole goal is to become more confident (loose) with my brushwork and edges. Like the masters I have been copying. I am going to keep working on it.
The cold weather came in on schedule, but the November roses are just perking along...providing me with wonderful painting material. The cloudless sky is so very blue and it reflects cool shades into all the shadow areas. I toned mine down but a colorist would have a blast painting white flowers under a blue, blue sky.
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  1. This is a wonderful painting...I love it!

  2. To me this piece is priceless!!! I love the colour combination and the palette knife work gives it extra dimension.

  3. Really like this! I think you've handled the palette knife skilfully, its not easy to paint Roses and the way you've controlled the thick buttery paint is brilliant!

    Well done, will keep checking your latest posts.


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