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Friday, November 4, 2011

Wild Roses

Wild Roses

6x6in  oil on gesso board  $85.

I remember we called these Wild Roses and they would line the embankments and countryside pathways on our hikes when I lived in England. Since I do nothing more than put geraniums in pots for the summer I cannot claim to know what type of wild rose they are. My daughter, who plants bulbs for me to paint in the spring, assures me it doesn't matter.  A rose is a rose!
Working with both brush and knife I had difficulty trying to be loose with a different shape of rose and much smaller leaves and spent much too long wiping everything off and starting again. I am painting on gesso board which is pretty smooth and find I prefer the canvas texture when using a palette knife. Tomorrow I will see if I can use only a brush and still achieve what I want to.

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  1. Love your work...I don't paint with a knife, but I very much enjoy watching you have your own style, and I admire people who develop their
    own and stick with it. Keep up the wonderful beauty you make...thanks for sharing. Carol

  2. Your roses are beautiful and you are a master with the knife. Wonderful! I live in Alberta Canada and our emblem for our province is the Wild Rose.....your painting does indeed look like our wild roses.


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