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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Palette Knife Still life

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Palette Knife Still life

6x6in  oil on canvas board  85.

Working with the painting knife for a whole painting provides lots of freedom for an artist because it is no use trying to get the more controlled look of using a brush. Another plus is if you like an interesting surface with lots of texture!
As you can see, the overall effect is more impressionistic with many broken edges. If you do see a smooth area it is where I pressed down with the back of the knife or scraped it back.
I usually combine a brush and knife in my paintings but it is good to do one or the other for a whole painting to keep the excitement of discovery, fresh.

Artist Info:
I find it is useful to have a very flexible painting knife so I use the Holbein "S"  series. I highly recommend them. They are fabulous painting knifes and not quite as expensive as Holbein's top of the line ones.

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