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Sunday, April 15, 2012



6x6in oil on canvas board  $85.

This abandoned building was about two miles from the Nichols Ranch
and we stopped to photograph it on the way home.
The light hitting the roof made for a really bright spot against the
soft shadows of the hillside.

Artist Note.

In a small, square format it is hard to place a building and not
have it kerplunk in the middle. I think this piece works though because of
repeating some angles...the hillside bushes, the lean-to,
green bushes and the fence..

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  1. Love this! It could be an old cabanon i provence...particularly like the electric blue against the rust colour on the shadow side. Rich and buttery paint, love it

  2. I always admire your wonderful paint texture and clear color and this is no exception-beautiful! Interesting thoughts about a building in a square format, it IS difficult, but this works so well.

  3. Wonderful! Love your work. Isn't Kim a great teacher. He gives so much to the students and seems to really want to nudge us along with him. How fortunate for you to have studied with him.
    Your rooftops are always so colorful and perfect with the surroundings.

  4. Beautiful. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Your work inspires me.


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