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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Golden Field and Great Tip.

Golden Field.

6x8in oil on canvas board     100.

I used a contemporary design to make a statement about the field.
Simple without detail. It is all about a place reduced to its basic shapes
and colors.

Artist Note.

Have I got a tip for you!

When pouring from my Gamsol can I always had to use a funnel,
and still would have drips. Look at this simple solution.
You pour with the spout at the top! Clean flow, no drips!

Those that know this already maybe rolling their eyes, but let me tell you
that all the artists I have told so far, none had known to pour this way and
neither had their family members. My husband didn't even know
about this tip. Works with any size can of this type.
We all have been pouring with the spout at the bottom - closer to the
container we are filling.

Try it this way. I got it from our handy, handy man, Bob.
Pass it on.


  1. Fab tip, Julie! Thanks for sharing. You mentioned using water mixable oils. Do they dry faster? What is the drying time for them, as I have been thinking of using them especially when traveling, instead of acrylics - which I now use for the convenience of a fast dry. Thanks again, for all your tips and help.

  2. Someone whoed me this tip recently, it really works! Lovely painting, simplicity with beautiful color.

  3. Thank you for this tip Julie...I have wasted so much oil from cans like this, those days are gone :-)) Wonderful view of this field, the blues and yellow really work together !

  4. Now who woulda thunk it? Just proves once again that some of life's most complex problems have the simplest solutions! ;)
    Thanks for the tip Julie.

  5. Considering the price of Gamsol, I believe you have collectively saved the art community thousands of dollars!! Thanks so much.

  6. Thank you for the tip! I've been enjoying your Art Talks for the pass several months since being a subscribe member to you blog.

  7. You're golden flied is just lovely. Your color combos are attention getters!

  8. Thank you for sharing. This is crazy who would have ever thought?


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