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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Iris Time

Iris Time.

8x6in  oil on canvas board  100.

These are some of the several different iris growing in my garden

They are Dutch Iris and are spectacular. In the bottom photo
it shows two more varieties.
The white one has speckles of lavender and the yellow is two tones of yellow.

Artist Note.

I usually like to paint Iris in watercolor as I find it much easier to capture the
delicate quality of the petals, but today I had a go at fracturing them.
It was hard as I still do not know exactly what works and what doesn't...
so this is part fracturing and part impressionism.
I used a warm purple and cooler blue on the front iris. If you check the photo
you can clearly see the warm and cool colors on everything.
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  1. I love the way the fracturing did not lose the delicacy of the Iris at all. I love Iris too...they are blooming like crazy all over the yard.

    Another very fine usual. : )

  2. Beautiful work, Julie! Love the blues and purple and the brush work is wonderful. I have Iris's but they don't blossom for awhile and they're in my pond with the koi's. I look forward to seeing the flowers every year! Again, beautiful painting.

  3. Really lovely!
    Love the brushwork - just wonderful!
    Irises are my favorite......can't wait until they bloom around here.

  4. Would you talk a bit more about the fracturing method of painting? I looked it up online and all I find is a sort of cubist manner of breaking a picture into planes. What you are doing is far more appealing.


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