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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Mexico Gate

New Mexico Gate

8x6in  oil on canvas panel  SOLD

I think most New Mexicans take pride in the unique and
wonderful gates found almost everywhere.
This one is very old and is set in an adobe wall. Nothing ever really matches
in these older doors and that is part of the charm.

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  1. Whenever I see Mexican decor of any kind I think of the scene in Fools Rush In where a newly married Mexican woman's husband (who is white) comes home to find she and her HUGE Mexican family have decorated the house. A very funny and cute scene.

    I love your pretty door painting Julie! So charming.

  2. Love the way you centered the blue door and still made the painting work. Great job.

  3. This says 'Taos' to me and I remember beautiful doors when I visited. This is gorgeous in both color and shape!

  4. I am just now finding your wonderful Blog. As I am headed to Santa Fe and Taos in a couple of weeks I was excited to see your beautiful painting of the door. Any tips of "must sees" in that area? When you get a minute please check out my Blog on my Drive, Fly, Paint adventure.

  5. This painting is wonderfully dimensional! The blue of the door and the touches throughout are stunning.

  6. It IS very charming and very well painted, your large strokes are wonderful!


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