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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Apple Blossom Tea Time

Apple Blossom Tea Time

8x6  oil on canvas board  100.

The apple blossoms are starting to wilt so this is the last one.
It has been lovely knowing what I am going to paint before I reach the studio door.

Artist Note.

This is a straight forward painting. No fancy brushwork...just strokes put down
and left alone. I used a multi-colored mixture, (meaning not blended too much) so the brush
picks up streaks of different tones of pinks. The background had a warm violet color
underneath, over which I placed cooler grays to offset the brilliant color of the tea cup.

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  1. I really enjoy this, also reading the art notes are so helpful as I am often wondering, how did she do that? Thanks

  2. Julie, I thought this was my favorite, then I looked back and now I am not sure.They all have a great spring time feeling. The plain cup is a great contrast to the blossoms. Lovely work. Helen

  3. These are truly lovely Julie. You go girl! With this kind of talent I see that you will do well.
    Happy Easter or Spring!


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