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Monday, April 9, 2012

New Mexico Mailboxes

New Mexico Mailboxes.

6x8in  oil on canvas panel   Sold.

One of the delights about living in New Mexico is
discovering communities full of creative people.
I have painted this group of mailboxes before and have enjoyed
ruminating on the different owners who painted them
The second one in from the left obviously loves balloning.  The blue one has a large
rain cloud with rain drops - maybe they like to grow things?
And I bet the owner of the red one has a happy personality.

Artist Note.

When painting with a strong horizontal design, placing in a vertical
shape helps with balance. The posts provide that, but they are all in a row so having the
evergreen pop up behind the mailboxes helped a lot.
Another thing to watch when painting a group is to have a focal point.
The two tallest boxes should provide that.
They were lower down so I raised them slightly.
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  1. This is fantastic, love the subject and the colors a really happy painting :-)


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