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Friday, April 27, 2012

Start of Sunset, Santa Fe, N.M.

Start of Sunset, Santa Fe, N.M.

8x6in  oil on canvas panel   SOLD

During our stay in Santa Fe, the four of us would take a walk in the evening.
I was walking with my back to this view when my friend's husband
called out for me to turn round and enjoy the cloud formation.
It was a stunner.!

Artist Note.

This was painted from a photo on my computer screen.
I was careful to make the foreground lighter than it looked on the screen.
I have discovered by painting plein air that the sky still casts its brightness
onto the ground before dusk and although it is getting darker,
it is never as dark as the typical photo shows.

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  1. Your painting from that photo is a stunner too, and thank you for the observation about the difference between plein air and photos! I've never painted plein air, but I'm going to make my first foray up to the creek behind my house as soon as the weather co-operates!


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