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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Beauty

Apple and Cherry Blossoms

11x14in Unfinished demo - not for sale.

This is one of two demos I did yesterday. The apple blossoms have beautiful pink buds and the cherry Blossoms grow in clusters of round shapes  and are creamy white.

Artist Note.

I started with a pale, blue toned canvas and lifted the light areas off with an old cotton sock.
(I have a wonderful friend who passes on her sport socks to me...still pristine.)

Next I painted transparently to establish
important dark areas. I find it helps for me
to keep loose at this stage
so I use a big brush. #12
I have a habit of painting yellow
for the light
areas if the light source is warm.

                                                     Moving into opaque paint I
shape the cherry blossoms balls
to establish the values and form.
This is a close-up of
the foundation for the Cherry blossoms.
(Looks like a little cabbage!)
When I paint the flowers in top
most of the green will be gone

I mixed two batches of blue for the
pattern on the vase.
Paler for in the light and a darker
blue for the shadow area.
I ended up changing this in the painting
as it dominated too much. I had to decide
if the blossoms were the point of interest
or the vase.

Tomorrow I will show the other demo I did yesterday .


  1. Just love your tutoring, this piece is stunning, looking forward to seeing next demo.
  2. Lovely. I like the looseness of the blossoms. Very interesting how you painted those green "cabbages". It worked out beautifully.
  3. I especially appreciate the photos and explanations under "Artist Notes". I'm saving them all. Thanks.

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