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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flower Study

Flower Study

6x6in oil on canvas panel  85.

We arrived at our friends house in Santa fe to find they had bought these lovely flowers for me to paint.
This was done very quickly as an exploration of the forms and I think Iwill do a more complete painting in a larger size for pure pleasure.

Artist Note.

I was trying something new. This panel was gessoed to make a brush textured panel.
I think the idea is for the texture to break up the edges.
I have seen it used quite successfully in landscape painting.
If you click on the image to enlarge it you will clearly see the ridges.
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  1. Hi Julie; Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! (For some reason it showed up in my emails, but didn't post to the blog itself?) Well, I enjoyed getting to see your blog & website- beautiful paintings, btw!

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for posting that technique. I saw a landscape done this way a few weeks ago and because of the shiny surface I thought it was the varnish which was ridged and spent some time trying to figure out a product that would do this. Then I came up with the idea it may be the gesso and I'm currently working on a calla lily done this way. However, I work in acrylic and I chose to work on panel so it's a nightmare to work on with the ridges and the panel soaking up the moisture from the paint so it dries almost instantly no matter what medium I use. But then that's why we do series isn't it? Already looking forward to using my new knowledge to advantage in the next painting.

  3. Love how the red travels through the painting. A very nice job.

  4. Hi Julie, thanks for the tip about "gessoing" the board with brushstrokes, perhaps thats one of the reasons this painting caught my eye. I look forward to reading more of your "Artist Notes", I think they'll be very helpful.


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