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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring at Nichols Ranch and Orchards

Spring at Nichols Ranch and Orchards

6x6in  oil on canvas panel  85.

Almost too pretty and lush to believe, here in the drought stricken,
southern part of New Mexico.
The ranch is nestled in a hilly area located up about 6,000 ft, so cooler weather
prevails in the scorching heat of summer. The ranch also has its own water to
irrigate with - a huge advantage,

Shown is part of the huge lilac bush I posted yesterday. The cherry tree
on the left is one that my friend grafted and planted when he was 7 years old
...many moons ago! Beautiful views are everywhere you turn so we all felt
blessed to have been invited to paint here.

Artist Note.

As I said yesterday, when painting on location it is hard for me to decide
what I am going to paint so I look for light /dark pattern flow... a linkage of light or dark areas.
Here the light areas ( building, cherry blossoms, trees in sun and path)
link by eye flow leaving the dark areas to hold some stability.

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  1. I like both these paintings, Julie. That view is spectacular!

  2. You captured depth and dimension so well in this painting! That lilac bush pops right off the surface! Great job Julie!

  3. Love the feeling of distance here, the mountains far away...and the light, the gorgeous light that you always know how to capture best !

  4. That is fantabulous! I love all the thick 'brush' strokes. Your grays are wonderful and I like the violet. Just great!


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