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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking towards the Sandias

Painted in the Car - Looking toward the Sandias

6x8in oil on canvas board  Not for sale

I managed to do a few painting in the car on the trip. Some of them have wavy spots where
the car hit a bump but all in all they will be good color studies for a future painting.
Here is a photo for those who have not seen my set-up.
My little painting box rests on my open glove compartment. I hang a trash bag from it too.
This doesn't show it, but I rest my palette in a pizza box just in case we stop suddenly.
I use water based oils so no solvents are in the car. Brushes and water go in the door.
A pack of baby wipes for my hands and I am all set.
It sure makes those long car trips fly by.

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  1. I would like information about your classes? How might I contact you? Thanks

  2. Wow! I am amazed at your 'car' painting. Not just because it's a nice painting, but that you are able to paint something that you pass so quickly. Nice work Julie.

  3. Yes! Thanks again for sharing this information. We depart for Santa Fe next week and I and excited to have something to do to pass the time. The best part of painting in the car is that you are engaged in actively looking rather than zoning out and playing with your phone or I-pad.

    Crimson( told me that she uses watercolor pencils and Niji brushes when she "drive-by-paints."

    Love the "wavy bumps," they add such character.

  4. What a great set up, very clever! I've done gouache paintings in the car, but not while it was moving. You've got a wonderful eye to paint something so lovely as it wizzes by.

  5. Wow! That is commitment. I can see me doing this.

  6. That's so creative, I'd never have thought of that! Nice painting too.

  7. amazing!!I satisfy myself with a camera and several memory sticks. Love your results, tho!

  8. I just love your paintings and your blog! This painting is gorgeous. I just love the way you paint. I downloaded your video on fracturing and can't wait to try your method in hopes of getting even close to something like this. Huge fan!!!!

  9. Wow, what a neat set-up and wonderful painting! I can feel myself getting "woozy" already if I tried painting in a moving car....


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