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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Green

Springtime Green

6x8in oil on canvas panel  100.

Here I am painting with my least favorite!
I must admit to being blown away by the beauty of the
springtime, vibrant, green color of these trees.
The little creek was full and the shadows were perfect.
There was a white house in the back of the field,
 but artist choice prevailed.

Artist Note.

I mixed my greens from warm and cool blues
(cerulean and Ultramarine)
and a warm or cool yellow.
(lemon and cad yellow med.)
I always put red into my greens but with wanting the
special, springtime green I mixed a little alizarin with white
to make a medium value of pink and lightly added
just a touch into the mixes

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  1. Wonderful color and great reflections

  2. Beautiful work Julie! Love the thick application of paint and your colorful palette. One of my favorites is "experimenting with plums".
    Thanks for leaving so many nice comments about my work.

  3. And held together by a strong dark pattern. Beautifully done. And yes, greens can be so challenging!

  4. Green's are so tricky. When I started painting I wanted to paint my mother's favourite view ... a park full of different kinds of trees with a mountain in the distance. Hah! I'm still trying to get it right and pull it out sometimes to see if I've learned enough to attempt finishing it. I really like your composition here and the combination of cerulean and lemon in the foreground. I use 8 x 10 for my beginner "Paint a Masterpiece" students but 6 x 8 is great for ongoing experimentation. LOVE YOUR BLOG JULIE.

  5. Lovely fresh greens here, beautifully loose and gorgeous reflections. I find I always mix the same kind of green...and it makes me mad :-( Thanks for the tips!

  6. Beautiful painting, Julie! I love the greens!! I don't do landscapes because greens are very difficult ...however, you did an amazing job with this...I took notes on how you came up with the colors...and I love the reflections as well...!


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