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Friday, April 13, 2012

Lilac Time

Lilac Time

8x6in oil on canvas panel   $100.

 A few of us from the Artist Guild went to the Nichols Ranch to paint the lilacs, cherry and apple blossoms. We all enjoyed the day and the weather was perfect.

Artist Note.

When painting directly on location it can be hard to decide what spot to pick.
I wanted to paint the lilacs but found it overwhelming so I did a small area of the huge bush.
The light changes so quickly I only had an hour or so to paint this.  I tried to be careful about not making the lilacs appear too spotty so I linked them as much as possible.
I used a knife for most of it.

I was able to do another painting and will post it tomorrow.

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  1. When you do these fast oil paintings, is there an underpainting or do you start on a new canvas ?
    I love this painting, it seems so simple... a wall , a window and a bush but the result is breathtaking !

  2. This is beautiful! I love the smaller vignette


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