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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ancient Glass with Berries

Ancient Glass with Berries

6x6in  oil on canvas  SOLD

Another sweet little ancient glass piece from my collection. This was purchased as Roman, but an authority later told me it was very old Murano and most likely from the 13th century.
The colors in this glass are so contemporary. The narrow little band winding around the neck is matching the two pink bumps on the sides. The aqua blue has iridescent shades of other blues and pinks especially where it has crusted. Copper and cobalt are used to make the Aqua shades and for ruby red a gold solution but I am not sure about the pink.

I love these yellow berries and paint them quite often. They are the aftermath from a purple flower.
I wonder how long this type of plant has existed. Could be as long as the glass...maybe?

Artist Note:
I wanted to paint with a palette knife today but found the brush easier with this particular subject. I followed the same technique as yesterday.
Several people have asked how I do the fringe. I make my paint pretty fluid and use a rigger type of brush. If the brush is too short then it doesn't have the paint flowing off the tip.

Sorry abut the glare on the image.
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  1. These Roman glass paintings are just beautiful. You are great with delicate colors and the composition also shows off the elegance of the glass. I wonder if you do more of them and put them together, maybe they would make a great series as a larger installation...

  2. Just saw your yesterday's piece on Daily Painters and mosied over to see . . .
    really like this series of glass paintings . . . lovely glow and color!


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