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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Freesia with Ancient Glass

Freesia with Ancient Glass

6x6in  oil on canvas  SOLD

This ancient vessel is Roman, 200-400 AD. I have a small collection of Roman Glass and I treasure each piece. I am always amazed to realize that glass can survive through the centuries.
(Oh Dear...think of those glass, mercury filled light bulbs I blogged about yesterday, filling and poisoning our landfills for eternity! Where are the brains of the public officials who are supposed to protect us? )

A friend came by today and saw what I was working on and bought it before it was finished. Always a boost!

Artist Note:

I wanted the the light to be strong enough to emphasize the highlighted areas and still show the transparent nature of the glass. This meant the spotlight overhead was quite close to the flower and the heat actually opened it up as I painted it.
I used a raw sienna wash under everything to give a warm glow and a reversed "c" pattern for the flow of light.
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  1. Another gorgeous piece! I'm envious of the way you're able to capture the "glow" of elements in your work...the yellow of the flowers and the way it's picked up in the neck of the bottle, following down to the highlights on the cloth... Really exceptional!

  2. Really love this painting. The glass works so well, and the subtle color on the fabric is lovely.

    I also love to ready your artist's comment on each painting, digging a bit into the technical side. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really gorgeous! I can see why your friend snatched it away!! Beautifully done!


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