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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pellegrino and Lime

Pellegrino and Lime

5x7in  oil on canvas board   SOLD

I was thrilled when my daughter brought me a six pack of cute little Pellegrino bottles. I didn't know they existed. This is my festive drink of choice at the moment and find I do not go through the regular size bottle fast enough before it goes flat.

Artist Note:

This was done completely with a palette knife except for the attempt at some letters. The choice is always how realistic do I want to get? I felt like the stimulation of a challenge... trying to get it looking like what it is, but in a casual manner. It is much harder for me to accomplish this than to carefully draw it out and render it like a photo.
To me the joy of using oil paint is the ability to apply it thick or thin, loose or tight. That must be why it is and has been, the medium of choice for so many artists.
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