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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Love/Hate Relationship

Love/Hate Relationship

6x6in  oil on canvas board   85.

I am sure there are others like me who dislike the slow start and color cast of the spiral, Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL)...but enjoy the much touted, energy savings.
Many countries, including ours, have adopted programs to phase out incandescent light bulbs but one thing we do not hear about is the following from Wikipedia:

Mercury poisoning of Chinese factory workers
In the past decade, hundreds of Chinese factory workers who manufacture CFLs for export to first world countries were being poisoned and hospitalized because of mercury exposure. Examples include workers at the Nanhai Feiyang lighting factory in Foshan where 68 out of 72 were so badly poisoned that they required hospitalization. Another factory had 121 out of 123 employees were found to have excessive
mercury levels.

Unforgivable that they were not protected.

As for you and me, we had better not drop and break one of those nasty little suckers!


  1. WOW! what a post!! My husband just told me about this...Maybe we should go out, like you said, and clean out the shelves! When I start to paint, I put the light on first and leave the room since the room is dull until it warms up..I don't like it. I say, leave things like it was..I don't like "change". However, I love this little painting..wonderful blue shadows in the bulbs and the background color makes it stand out. well done, Julie!!

  2. I love your painting of these nasty bulbs and agree 100% with you about them. And living in Maine you want a warm light cast by your lights. We need to stock up on incandescence bulbs or move to TX where they'll still have them. It makes you wonder why all the big deal to get rid of mercury thermometers and then make everyone use these bulbs.


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