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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Old School Bus

The Old School Bus

5x7  Oil on canvas Board    90.

This is down by the Rio Grande River. The building appears to be a repair shop as several old vehicles were parked there. My interest was captured by the yellow roof of the bus and the tin roof of the building, reflecting so brightly in the mid-day sun.

I painted this plein air during the late summer when there was still water in the river.
The mighty Rio Grande is reduced to a thin, winding, ribbon of silver during the winter, courtesy of the Elephant Butte/Cabillo dam, further upstream. Water is a real issue here in the Mesilla Valley because of the drought. We are hoping for heavy snows in Colorado.

Artist Note:

Bright, overhead sunlight means the verticals carry the shadow patterns and only the top areas catch the light. Even something in a very light color has to move towards a middle value in its own shade.

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  1. Just visited your blog for the first time. Wow! Love the color and impasto brush work. You captured the beautiful NM light.


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