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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Earl Grey for a Friend

Earl Grey for a Friend.

6x6in oil on canvas board 85.

I have an English friend who loves to pop in for a "quick cuppa" and Earl Grey is her tea of choice.
I can't stand it myself, but I always keep it in for her. She loves the red pot so she gets that and I use a brown one for my herbal tea.

Artist note:

For some reason I could not get "it" to work today. Happens to all artists and I learned when I was doing illustration... you just have to keep going.
I painted this in several different ways and each time when I looked at the image on the computer I saw another glaring error. The computer screen is a marvelous way to spot some of the things your eyes do not see while painting.  Finally this was given the OK.
This one was done using the knife and brush. The thin string for the tea bag was lifted out with a thin rubber tip.
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  1. Powerful painting! It must have been difficult balancing the big red shape. But it works for me! I can't stand Earl gray either, and I'm English too, I prefer Green tea, don't know why I just do. Must go and make one...

  2. Awesome piece, Julie!! the red pot is full of color and beautiful texture!! I'll have coffee, please!!!

  3. It's my choice too! Happy New Year from Rome! Bravissima!

  4. What a really nice still life! I love the use of primaries and your brush work in this. It looks like you were totally confident painting it.


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