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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clouds over the Desert.

Clouds over the Desert

8x6in oil on canvas board     SOLD

It was a pleasure to reminisce over this beautiful spot while I was painting this. It is a view on the drive to Sedona, AZ. and the beginning of those amazing, coral colored clifts.

Sedona was where Jim, my husband and I spent our honeymoon so it is a very special place to us.
Jim was actually born near Sedona in Jerome, AZ.  A true western man...but one who has never owned a pair of cowboy boots in his life.

Artist Note:

I wanted to play a bit more with color so I started with the sky. Mixing a lavender for the top, moving into a cerulean at the base. The clouds went in the same direction of cool to warm color by making the top clouds pinkier than the lower creamy ones. The warmth is continued into the clifts but then into cool colors for the shadow.
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  1. This absolutely sparkles! Wonderful bits of color in the light- very nice.

  2. I really love this impressionism you do...I suppose that's what you call it. Every single color in this painting is soft and pretty.

  3. Jerome! We drove through that terrifying place one day. I thought I was going to fall off the mountain. I'd be scared to live there. The houses all had stilts on the back. But I'm a flatlander. I grew up on the flat coastal plains of Texas.


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