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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glass and Pansies

Glass and Pansies

6x6in oil on canvas board 85.

The pansy presents a lovely spot of color in my garden pots and a natural
for when I go roaming looking for inspiration.
They always remind me of Puck, the fairy spirit from Midsummer Night's Dream, who used their juice to make a brew to have "Man or Woman madly dote upon the next, live creature that it sees."!!!!!

The glass pieces are very old Murano pieces.

Artist Note:
I started off painting this entirely with a palette knife but some parts just didn't
work so I went over most of it with a brush.
This is the last of the ancient glass series, for now.
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  1. Beautiful. I love pansies too. They are my favourite flower to paint.
    Have a wonderful creative week!


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