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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Approaching the Sandias

Approaching the Sandias

6x8in  oil on canvas board   100.

Another piece painted in the car. Unlike the one yesterday, which was painted at the beginning of the trip, this one was done towards the end of the journey. These are the distant Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, N.M.  painted approaching from the south.

Artist Note:

I had several emails asking what type of easel I showed in yesterdays blog.
It is a small paint box with an easel top. Size 10x13in. Perfect with the little drawer to hold the knife and paints. My daughter bought it for me from Barnes and Nobel a couple of years ago.
(She always picks the best gifts!)

I use the Raymar panels when painting with a palette knife.
It is impossible for me to paint exactly what I see in a car because it changes so quickly, but the colors and distance stay pretty well the same for some time. The distant sky is also easy to focus on. As I said yesterday, the whole point is to simply enjoy the process.

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  1. Gorgeous colors and love the texture in this painting!! great job, Julie!

  2. Julie...magnificent paintings, and the idea of the box easel in the car feel me great : )

  3. This is fascinating how you manage to paint in a moving car. Your landscapes are so good. I love the intense blue of the sky in this.


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