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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere

6x6in  oil on canvas    85.

A person can go three miles on this path and still never get to a building or anything else but a stream.  The path continues through the water and on into the distance. The cottonwood tree and line of salt cedars in the painting follow the stream.
I was with a painting buddy and knowing we had to walk back we decided to turn around.
The path must go somewhere and I looked on a map but nothing shows. Maybe it goes to a ranch, way, way out there?

Artist Note:

This was painted in the early summer last year. I was trying to see simple masses, shapes and shadow areas. It was a cloudy day so the light was diffused most of the time. I painted the ground the sun flooded color I remembered and waited for the sun to appear again so I could quickly place the shadow areas in.
I used a #4 round synthetic brush only on this.

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  1. The road to nowhere...beautiful road though, you made a stunning landscape! Nice to know there are still places in the world to be discovered :-)

  2. And did I say that I love your blog.....


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