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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ancient Glass with Peacock Feathers

Ancient Glass with Peacock Feathers

7X5in  oil on canvas board      90.

On one of my trips to visit my sister, Jenny, in England, she took me to Leeds Castle, Kent. Quite rightly claiming to be The Loveliest Castle in the World . One of the visual memories I treasure was of the magnificent peacocks allowing us to walk right past them on the moat bridge. The sun was shinning on the opened tails and I could not believe the purity and beauty of the colors. Truly amazing.

Artist Note:

The mission was to try and capture the iridescence of the peacock feathers. Hard to do on the first try. I like what I did but also want to try a glazing method where I would use the white of the canvas as a base for transparent colors. It would have been easier to do that to start, but I wanted to see if I could get the effect with opaque colors first as I prefer a more painterly quality.
It will be a good exercise to try again to see which method turns out the best.

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  1. I don't comment often but I do follow your work faithfully. It is a pleasure to view your work and read your comments.

  2. Julie, this is a gorgeous piece which you captured the iridescence of the feathers so beautifully. I also love the way the light hits this pot. PERFECT!!


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