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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Watercolor Sketch of a Friends House in Berkeley, CA.

A Friend's House in Berkeley, CA.

Not for sale.

I thought I would begin the new year with letting you see some of my working habits.
This is a typical example of my watercolor sketches.  For years I have kept up a practice of taking small watercolor books with me where ever I go to record my visual impressions. They have turned out to be neat diaries as well when I read back the accompanying personal notes. My husband treasures these more than any of my larger works.

Artist Note:

Here are a few of them and you can see on the left, my trusty, at least 30 year old Windsor Newton travelling watercolor box. It folds up into a compact five by two and a half inches and  just over an inch deep. I place new paint into each pan when they run out. Fabulous little thing which I highly recommend.

If you look carefully, two well known spots are in there. The Taj Mahal and the waterfall from Artists Point in Yellowstone.

My favorite book to use is the Multi-Drawing Book by Holbein. Size  is approximately 6"x7 1/2". The paper does not buckle with watercolor and it has a little ribbon to close the book tightly when finished.
I carry them in a small camera case with a travel protected paintbrush.
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  1. This is fabulous. Thanks for the beautiful picture of your books. How wonderful that you have kept up with your travels in such a creative way. I have to consolidate for I have not kept my sketching chronological. Your work is superb.

  2. You are very talented...Since I dicovered your blog I enjoy very much the way you give your daily inspirations for paintings and appreciate your artist notes.All very helpfull. You must be a very good teacher unfortunately too far from France where I live!Monique

  3. Great post. I love seeing your sketchbooks. What a chronicle of your travels, art and life!

  4. I'd love to see more of your sketchbook pages -- they look wonderful! For me, looking at another artist's sketch book is like peeking into a treasure chest. Always intriguing...


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