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Sunday, January 29, 2012

There is No Blue Without Yellow, Without Orange.

There is no Blue Without Yellow, Without Orange.

8x6in   oil on canvas board    100.

I was thinking of Vincent van Gogh's famous quote taken from a letter he wrote to Emile Bernard, June 1888. The painting was quite lifeless until I punched up the blue.  Brighter than what I usually do when painting from life, but the leaves have gone from this favorite tree so this is from a photo.

Artist Note:

I am not comfortable painting with a strong color and green come to mind but orange and blue has always been a favorite combination but I usually I go for a softer and grayed value of the blue.

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  1. It has a nice glow to it...very nice. My favorite bit of this piece is the path that gracefully curves to the right.

  2. This is bold and beautiful. I really admire your brushwork, something I am working at.

  3. Beautiful painting with a lot of punch, and I love the title as well as the origin of the title.

  4. I love it! That warm tree pops beautifully against that blue background. :)


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