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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Abstract/Contemporary Still Life

Abstract/Contemporary Still life
Not for sale

It keeps me on my artistic toes painting in the different styles.

This one was quick and easy because the vessel does not have to be correct. It only has to give the impression of being correct. 

I went for movement, texture and abstract shapes for the design. 
For movement I painted on mylar to enhance the slippery movement of the brush.
Texture was the thickness or thinness of the paint.
Strong vertical design with the balance of the side shape of the vessel.

Looking at the last three still life paintings I know your reactions will be different to all of them. My own feelings are different too. I enjoy the act of painting. What I paint is secondary but I have found I must have some emotional reaction to what I am painting. I have seen my approach changing as I have worked on this daily painting blog but I know that I am not the type to turn out the same thing day after day. I am going to enjoy tomorrow's painting of a typical Julie piece.
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