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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just A Touch Of Red

Touch of Red

7x5in  oil on canvas board  90.

Okay, Christmas is not even here yet and I find I am already red and green(ed) out.
Green is my least favorite color and red is my favorite. My problem is when I see something as stunning as holly with the bright red berries, I want paint it...and I have been trying to do just that for a couple of days but keep having to wash it off. I will keep trying.
This painting is to clear away all vestiges of red and green.
Behold, a touch of red with a little blue and the most grayed green I could mix.
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  1. Keep away from landscapes then! although I guess there isn't a lot of green about at the moment!

    Like this painting, strong and balanced composition. Lovely gray/green foreground to the lower left. Bravo.

  2. Would really like to watch you working, have you considered a step by step post?


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