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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not Traditional!

Not Traditional!

6x8in oil on canvas board   100.

Yesterday I painted a traditional still life so today I did a very non-traditional one.
What makes it non-traditional?
Several things, but the main one is the objects holding the flowers.
I love these modern, funky vases. They are all different colored ceramic. A dark one, a light/medium one and a light one. It was difficult to do the values on them as they have different angles to the light.
I placed them in a non-traditional set-up by placing them in a row. In a typical, traditional still life, at least one would have overlapped.
The flowers are handled with simple, side shapes.
I repeated the triangle shapes from the vases with elongated light and shadow patterns at the front and they can be found in the negative areas of the background.
Tomorrow I am planning a contemporary/abstract still life.
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  1. I really like the way you mix it up, traditional then not so much, abstract too. Your watercolor sketchbook is gorgeous, would love to sit and look through page by page.


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