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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Finally - The Holly!


6x6in oil on canvas board  85.

After several attempts to paint the holly, I finally pulled it off. Well, to my satisfaction at least.

It is said that an artist reflects his time and culture. I can see how this is true, particularly at this time of year because I think of Christmas and Holly as one. Growing up in England, my mother would take us on hikes to pick the holly and she would cluster it on the dining room table with tall candles, on all the fireplace mantelpieces and over the doorways. A visual treat - the glorious red berries adding the perfect touch of color. Even back then, the red was what appealed to me.

I wish you all a warm and peaceful  Christmas and Happy Holidays.
I appreciate and thank you for following my blog.

Artist note:
The problem I was having was not remembering to have only one dominant color. Once I came up with a design  (see below) keeping this principal in mind then painting all those leaves and berries became easier. I do prefer the red over the green and having it as the accent color makes it more appealing to me.

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