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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mother Nature's Gift of the Season

Mother Nature's Gift of the Season

6x6in oil on canvas board 85.

A friend gave me a beautiful Christmas Cactus and I used a palette knife to try and capture the freshness of color. I have noticed that sometimes the brush will subdue what I want to be bright, whereas the knife slides the paint on keeping the color true.
As I was painting this I thought of how, at one time, I would have tried to render the whole plant. I would have also meticulously painted every part with great enthusiasm. Now I tend to go after the impression of what I am painting rather than a photographic copy. Why? Is it because I can already paint  with great detail and this way is a challenge because I find it so much harder to paint in a looser manner? I think I will do this again with a brush and see the difference between the two.
Stay tuned...

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  1. Lots of energy in this painting - giving a feeling of nature pulsating with life's energy. I like it a lot.


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