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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Calla Trio

Calla Trio

8x6in  oil on linen panel  100.

The Calla Lily.
It has to be right up there with Freesia as my favorite flower to paint.

We usually take a trip to Portland in the spring where they are in
bloom in nearly every garden. A perfect elongated, trumpet shape, balanced
by leaves which can become quite wavy.

Artist Note:

This came out of a demo in class where the emphasis was on painting backgrounds.
In this case it showed the linkage of dark and light areas behind the callas.
Valuable to understand so you can  prevent spotty and disruptive
background areas. It is easy to see when it is obvious like this demo piece,
but gets harder when the subject becomes more complex.
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  1. beautifully painted, Julie!! nice colors and texture!!

  2. beautiful! love the energy in this, yet it's so peaceful :)

  3. We are talking about going to Portland for summer vacation because we have heard it's an amazing city especially for art lovers.

    I love the pinks mixed with the browns in the background. Spotty disruptive background areas as you put it is exactly what I have trouble with. I am such an inexperienced and untrained painter that I find this as a common problem is all my pieces. I just keep laying on colors until it looks "right". But I know if I were more experienced I could do this more easily and in less time I am sure.

    What a lovely painting you made. And thank you so much for stopping by yesterday and your very kind comment.

  4. Hi Julie. I have been allocated 3-5 sites to award a Lieber award for both inspiration and interest. I love your blog and think you should have one. Please check back to my blog to receive your award and to pass it on. It's legit. Helen

  5. I've never painted them, but you make me want to... I love the spiraling in shapes- very nice!

  6. Julie
    I have had such a hard time trying to email you. I wanted to let you know how much I love YOUR Callas... Lovely


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