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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mesilla Barn, New Mexico.

Mesilla Barn, New Mexico

6x8in oil on canvas panel     100.

This was obviously painted during the summer. Leaves on the trees being the first clue!

This was painted plein air with brush and the palette knife was used for the texture of the plowed soil.

I still remember very clearly how amazing the reflected blue from the sky was
as it hit the metal roof in the shadow areas.
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  1. Hi Julie - love the blue reflection of the sky and the juicy paint in the foreground.

  2. I love how the sky is reflected into the roof!! Amazing...and using the palette knife gives the soil a wonderful texture. I just started using a palette first I had a hard time handling it but its getting easier now....This painting is wonderful!

  3. Such serenity in this work Julie. Gorgeous.


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