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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Experimental Fracturing.

Experimental Fracturing.

6x8in  oil on canvas board   100.

The third painting of these amazing freesias.

Artist Note:

Same flowers, same arrangement but trying for an abstract.
I painted them first in my normal, direct method and then took my
palette knife to break up the structure. It came and went several times,
but I enjoyed seeing what happened with each attempt.
I found I was making a focal area with a couple of the white freesia
by adding a little more definition...but I liked it and kept it in.

The three of these freesia paintings were all demos for the class.
Each painting had its own group of supporters but this one
received the most interest.

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  1. I'm not surprised it did! It works relly well, I guess it reduces the painting to it's most important elements - colour and it's relationships. There's a freshness about it too and after painting it three times that's an achievement.

    Very nice painting!

  2. It is really mesmerising! I could look at it for hours!

  3. Magnificent! That looks remarkable. Very inventive and creative.

  4. This is a creative approach this series is very inspiring.

  5. Dear Julie...My sister-in-law...Maria Randolph who is also on dailypaintworks suggested I peruse your blog. You have such tremendous and emotional connection with and in your art. How beautiful your relatonship with your Mother was lives on in your art and most especially in your portrait of her. I feel like I know her when I look at this painting! You are an excellent painter...excellent...I wonder what, when, and where you teach workshops. Most very sincerely, Joan Randolph

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous, Julie!! I thought I had already commented....I love it and will probably return to stare at it again! Congratulations on this one.!


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