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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Are You Having, Fred?

What Are You Having, Fred?

8x6in oil on canvas board  100.

This was painted on the same patio as yesterday's blog image.
I had painted the empty table and then along came Fred and his
lady so I had to make major changes.
I know his name was Fred because I heard her call him that.
They are definitely visitors to the area because they sat on the sunny side
of the umbrella. We were all grabbing tables in the shade.

Artist Note.

I used a #6 bright, Silver Bristlon brush for most of this.
Carol Marine recommended this brush when I took her
(fabulous) workshop a few years ago. It produces a
square stroke. I used opposing strokes
to get the loose look. I did use a rigger to do the chairs.
Don't look too close at the chairs...they were little beggars to do.
The nameless lady had her purse on the chair so I painted
the back of the chair after I had done the purse.

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  1. Julie, this is awesome! You have truly captured the feel of these tourists having lunch. It made me laugh out loud. What fun! Not only do I love your paintings, I love your stories of what you are painting as well as your artist notes. The light captured, the feel, the brushwork, the colors...Bravo!


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