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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Painting of Mother

A Portrait of Mother

Watercolor.    not for sale

You have seen her pottery so I thought you may like to see a painting
I did of her a couple of years before she passed on.
This painting is framed and I took this image through the glass so some
reflections are on it, but they do not take away from the strength
and kindness in her face.

The shawl is the one my aunt, her sister, gave me for my
first child's christening and is in many of my paintings ( it has a beautiful long fringe.)
While she was posing for this, mother told me stories I had never heard before about the hardships she and her sister endured growing up during and in the aftermath of World War 1.
I have been fortunate not to have had the same experiences..

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  1. Beautiful portrait, I can just hear her talking about her experiences growing up!

  2. This is so beautiful Julie! You obviously miss your Mom very much -- you captured her beauty in your portrait. I loved reading your stories and viewing your artwork of her pottery. I lost my Mom two years ago and I miss her very much. Both my parents have passed on and they always encouraged me with my art. Every day that I paint, part of me does it for them.

  3. A beautiful portrait Julie, so soft and serene.

  4. Marvelous portrait Julie. You captured a lovely expression on her face. Wonderful.
    Happy Painting,
    thanks for the kind words on my kiwi over at PaintAndDraw.

  5. Wow. What an amazing tribute. A beautiful and thoughtful painting. There is a lot of love in this painting and the ones you have been doing of your mother's pottery. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. What a beautiful Mom and wonderful tribute to her. Isn't it wonderful to have been able to hear all the great stories they told. I always listened to my Dad...he told me stories of WWII ..took out the map and showed me where he fought! Boy! I sure miss him! We're very lucky to have had them all those years. Again, you did a beautiful portrait..

  7. Julie, this is a moving portrait of your mother. What beauty and peace she has. Your painting of her is tender and kind as she appears to be. I also enjoyed looking at all your paintings of her pottery. I especially love the colors and brush strokes in #6. You have so much talent.

  8. This is so incredibly beautiful Julie, what a gentle and sweet expression, really love that little smile on her face. All your love for her shows here. xox

  9. I've always loved your oils but I have to say here that your watercolor is equally beautiful, and full of emotional strength! The expression on her face is so kind and peaceful. I can imagine the warm existence of her inside you through the image...


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