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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Feather

The Feather

8x6in oil on canvas board  100.

Some new little vessels to add to my collection.
Always fun to explore them in paint but I notice
how carefully I paint them until I have done them
a few times. It will be fun to see how loose I can
get and still achieve a likeness.

Artist Note.

I did not have the feather in at first  - see below -
and I felt something was missing so I went hunting
for the perfect item. Tried quite a few things.
The feather is just a simple curved shape but I think it improved it.
Do you agree?

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  1. You wouldn't think that something so different would make such a difference but it does,and in a very good way. Bravo on finding the right addition and this painting.

  2. I do agree Julie, the feather really ads that little extra interest, if there was any need for that, and I just love your vases, one of my favorite subjects, and you paint them so gorgeously! xx


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