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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mother's Pottery # 9

Mother's Pottery #9

6x6in oil on canvas board  85.

I loved the set-up with the forsythia, but it may be hard for the viewer to catch.
This is an long oval platter behind a vase.
The platter was a new experiment for my mother. If you are following this blog you will
have gathered by now, that mother loved to try new techniques.
Know No Fear must have been her internal motto.
I think she was 80 years young when she did this piece. Inspirational, right?

It is an abstract landscape made with colored glass,  melted and fused
by the kiln onto the clay. The translucent brilliance of the blue and green
has to be seen to be believed.

My mother could not draw at all, (truly) so for her to attempt this abstract was
fascinating to me.
When someone would ask her if I got my talent from her she would tell them,
I can draw two breath... and social security!
I still grin thinking of that!

Here is the platter

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  1. Really love your "Mother's pottery" series. It's so antique. :) Great work!

  2. Your mother was quite an element, really an inspiration ! I think she sits on her little cloud ( :-) ) and is so proud of how you paint her fabulous works!


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