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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Different Way

A Different Way

8x6in   oil on canvas panel  100.

Continuing to paint the gorgeous freesias.

Artist Note:

This is from the same set up as yesterday, but painted
on white, oil primed linen. I chose a more contemporary
viewpoint and expressive painting technique to take advantage
of the qualities that oil primed linen offers.
If you click on the image to enlarge it you can see how freely
the strokes and paint are applied.

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  1. SO beautiful, Julie!! Outstanding colors on this floral!!!

  2. Really very nice, I love the thick buttery paint, luscious! You've managed to get a really good reproduction of the original, crisp and clear colours, could you say anything about how you achieve that sometime? I think it's one of the major difficulties we face when trying to get a good copy of our work onto the web.

    Love this even more than the last one

  3. Definitely different from the first one, but both gorgeous in their own ways. I was inspired by the first Freesia painting to buy a bouquet of white ones the other day at the market...just love that scent!

  4. Yup. Stunning. Your lights absolutely glow! Tell us more. It's so encouraging to see someone as talented as you are, still stretching and learning. Nigel and I would both love to know how you get such terrific photos. The only up-side to that struggle, is that the paintings always look better than the photos!

  5. I love what you are doing with all three of these paintings of freesias--especially like this one.


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