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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mother's Pottery #8

Mother's Pottery # 8

6x6in oil on canvas panel   85.

The greens and teals in this piece are gorgeous.  Mother loved these colors and was thrilled when they became available  at the center.
This is a casserole dish which I use for many things. I adore the shape.

Yesterday's blog image did not come through and I have no idea why.
Remember, if you click on the title of the piece, it takes you right to my blog.

Artist Note:

Red and Green - my least favorite combination, but I think the
strong brown helps diffuse it as does having the Teal color
mixed in there as well.
I painted the branches in to give a horizontal repeat of the brown rim.
This was to also break up the strong
kerplonk of a centered, focal object.

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  1. May be your least favorite, but this so works!!

  2. Love this one! The red and green together are superb!
    Happy Painting,


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