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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mother's Pottery #7

Mother's Pottery #7

8x6in oil on canvas panel 100.

I keep my mail in this piece and enjoy seeing it daily.
My mother must have been 82 when she made it.
She was at the stage where her macular degeneration had
started to impact her reading ability and she went into a
slump. We were in a gallery and I fell in love with a torso
made of clay. Mother was running her hands all over it
enjoying the way it was made. Two of us loving it meant
I had to take it home!
This is the piece she made influenced by the coiling technique
used in the torso. It lifted her out of her slump.
We can all appreciate that I know. The dreaded artist block!!!
Anything which inspires us is a gift.

Below is the torso. I still love it.
A beautiful piece made by the artist Jennifer Lucht.


  1. Lovely-- the torso, the coiled pottery basket and the painting. All united by love and appreciation.

  2. You did a beautiful job with Mom's pottery!! She did a wonderful job on this and you made the memories live on. Love the colors as well.

  3. I can only repeat myself , your mother was really something, really love her works, and you make master pieces out of every single item, here I so like the background too. And I can't get over how fast you are!! Do you do a sketch before starting ?


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