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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Crumpled Paper Challenge

The Crumpled Paper Challenge

8x6in  oil on canvas board   100.

Back home again.
I  feel little bit tired today so I decided to do the Challenge. That way I would have to think of what to do.
Kim Remple came up with the new Challenge on Daily Paintworks.

Take a piece of paper, crunch it up, put it in a well-lit setting and paint! It's a great exercise to study shapes and relative values. I would suggest a plain paper in order to see value shifts more clearly, but it's up to you! I look forward to seeing all that beautiful crinkled, balled-up paper! 

For some reason I found I wanted to put some color in and the tomatoes were easy to get from the kitchen.
I try to stay true to the challenge when I do it so I did stay with the recommended plain paper.

Artist Note:

My first attempt was very photographic with no juicy paint strokes
so I scraped it off and started again.  (always good)
Most likely this was because I had been drawing, not painting, for several days in a row.
My first few attempts were pretty pathetic because I had not touched any paint for 5 days and it always takes me a few runs to get into the feel of the paint. I mixed some linseed oil in to make the paint flow better and it helped.

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  1. Textural, painterly, just a gorgeous little still life. And a terrific display of how lively a limited palette can be.

  2. This is quite a challenge Julie, but of course you did an amazing job, love the reflexions and the bold orange. xx

  3. Very successful painting Julie! Bold, strong, dynamic and painterly.

  4. This came out great--I love the blue/orange combo and the paper is so interesting with that bold brushwork. I clicked on your photo which really allowed me to see that.


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